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Recruitment Consultant Jobs - So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?

Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine. With the current upswing in the economy Read More

GSR2R Rec 2 Rec Testimonials

    It is always great to receive unsolicited testimonials like these two which arrived today! One was for Mike and Read More

Why Recruiters Need To Help Their Clients With Social Media

As recruiters most of us know the value of social media; as a recruitment to recruitment company we certainly do. Yet Read More

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Our Biggest Referral Incentive Yet – New York Trip For Two!

Passport Required #NewYorkHereWeCome! We Normally Receive 75-100 Responses So Your Odds Are Great!     We are known across London as being THE rec2rec that delivers. Why? Because we do, both for our clients and candidates. Dedicated to getting the best talent for our clients, 80% of GSR2R’s placements come from people who have experienced our service [...]

Recruitment Companies Grow As Vacancies Rise Across The UK

Leading Rec 2 Rec recruiter; GSR2R today welcomed the announcement from APSCo (the Association of Professional Staffing Companies) that professional recruitment firms have seen a rise in permanent vacancies of 22% from this time last year. Combined with the Treasury’s 3% GDP growth forecast (higher than the 1.8% expected at the beginning of the year), [...]

Recruiters! Don’t Advertise A Job, Market It.

Most recruitment consultants understand the importance of marketing when trying to attract new clients. Putting together a marketing plan, utilising it and then evaluating its effectiveness should be a core part of your plans to grow your business. However, what many recruiters don’t realise is the effectiveness of marketing when it comes to attracting the [...]

Why Recruiters Should Understand Organisational Culture

Organisational culture, also known as company culture differs widely between different types of organisations, even those working in the same sector. For the modern recruiter to be successful, it is crucial that they understand a company’s culture, and recruit staff that will fit in to it, as this will ensure both the candidate’s and the [...]

Utilising LinkedIn Effectively to Source Candidates

LinkedIn should be one of the most important tools in any recruitment consultant’s armoury. With over 15 million users in the UK alone, it is vital that a consultant can fully utilize LinkedIn’s capabilities to help grow their desk effectively. LinkedIn is a fantastic source for seeking out potential candidates, but are you using its [...]

The Cold Calling Checklist That Top Recruiters Use

Cold calling is the subject of a multitude of books, seminars and courses, but the basics are very simple. Ultimately, cold calling is talking to people, something each and every one of us does every day. Successful recruiters don’t use any complicated sales techniques;  they talk to their prospects, they ask questions and they bring [...]

Keeping Up With What’s Happening in Your Industry

Recruitment is one of the most vibrant and fast-paced industries, with long hours and a relentless work ethic often being key to staying ahead of your competitors. Sometimes however, this intense working environment can mean that recruiters miss out on the bigger picture, and the chance to work smarter, not harder. How many consultants take [...]

3 Classic Mistakes Made By Trainee Recruitment Consultants

2014 has seen a rise in the number of trainee recruitment consultant vacancies, driven by the expansion of consultancies across the UK. As a results driven business it is vital that trainee consultants do things the right way from the beginning. Here are three classic rookie recruiter mistakes that all new recruitment consultants should avoid: [...]

How is the rest of your recruiting year shaping up?

We’re halfway through the year and now is a great time to take stock, look back at the last six months, and look forward to the next. Assessing your company’s performance to date, and devising a strategy to go forward is vital for strong business growth. Maximise your existing revenue It’s all too easy sometimes [...]

What Makes A Recruitment Consultant Stand Out From The Crowd?

The recruitment industry is one of the most competitive markets in business. Wherever you are based and in whichever sector(s) you operate in, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd, and the easiest way to do this is to have a USP, a unique selling point. This is difficult though in recruitment [...]