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Recruitment Consultant Jobs - So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?

Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine. With the current upswing in the economy Read More

GSR2R Rec 2 Rec Testimonials

    It is always great to receive unsolicited testimonials like these two which arrived today! One was for Mike and Read More

Why Recruiters Need To Help Their Clients With Social Media

As recruiters most of us know the value of social media; as a recruitment to recruitment company we certainly do. Yet Read More

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“How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Candidate Attraction Magnet….Guaranteed!”   Free Webinar Friday April 25th @ 3pm UK When it comes to being a top performing recruiter you have to attract the BEST candidates….and your LinkedIn profile can do the work for you! In this FREE webinar we are going to show you EXACTLY [...]

The War On Talent!!**?? – And How to Become A Stellar Recruiter

If I read another article about the war on talent. I think I might scream! It’s everywhere isn’t it? Yet I do understand why. With the economy growing so does employment; well hopefully as the two are generally linked. Data from the Office for National Statistics has reported that the UK is showing consistently healthy growth [...]

Social Media For Recruiters: How To Use Twitter To Build Your Own Desk

Despite the fact that Twitter is now such a big part of many people’s lives; both for work and  pleasure, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that many recruiters are baffled by this the whole twitter thing! Not knowing how to get the most out of it. As a rec 2rec company we [...]

Are You Using Or Abusing LinkedIn – Part 2

This is the companion article to our other post on what linked abusers do. If you haven’t read that just mouse over the highlighted phrase. So we know what not to do on LinkedIn. So what ‘should’ we be doing, if we want to use this amazing platform to its full affect? Social selling and [...]

Are You Using Or Abusing LinkedIn – Part 1

I started recruiting way back in fact B.L.; before LinkedIn! Hard to believe that this huge business social network only appeared just over 12 years ago. It feels like it has been around forever. Admittedly it has changed drastically from the early days back in 2002. We now have over 2 million groups we can [...]

How To Stand Out As A Recruiter Every Agency Wants

You’ve read every article on recruiter tips you could find. You’ve registered with a great rec to rec company like GSR2R. But the problem is that you don’t want to be just a ‘great recruiter’. In fact, you’re pretty sure you already are one. What you want to know is how you can stand out [...]

How to Sell The Value of Your Recruiters Fee

At GSR2R, we know that when you’re building a relationship with a potential new client, it is vitally important to make sure they know the value of your fee. As a rec 2 rec company we are filling recruiter jobs for other agencies and it isn’t any different for us. We need to demonstrate our [...]

Recruiter Rules – Know What You Want Long Term

It is not uncommon to find many recruiters without a game plan. You know a game plan for their life and career? So what is your game plan? Did you just fall into recruitment and are now wondering how you map out your future? Perhaps it has only just occurred to you that this might [...]

How To Understand What Motivates Your Candidates To Move Companies

I know you are probably reading this and thinking; “I haven’t got a clue what drives them?” Well that isn’t really true is it? As a recruiter you will understand people- you have to or you won’t last long in your current recruiter role. Motivation is a fascinating topic and one that switched on recruiters [...]

Recruitment Training – What Exactly Do Recruiters Do?

Recruiter roles are easy to excel in provided you find the right one and know exactly what you need to do to get results. Let’s step back first and explain exactly what a recruitment consultant is and exactly what they do. Recruiters (sometimes also called recruitment consultants) help connect talent with great organisations. In other [...]