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Recruitment Consultant Jobs - So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?

Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine. With the current upswing in the economy Read More

GSR2R Rec 2 Rec Testimonials

    It is always great to receive unsolicited testimonials like these two which arrived today! One was for Mike and Read More

Why Recruiters Need To Help Their Clients With Social Media

As recruiters most of us know the value of social media; as a recruitment to recruitment company we certainly do. Yet Read More

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How is the rest of your recruiting year shaping up?

We’re halfway through the year and now is a great time to take stock, look back at the last six months, and look forward to the next. Assessing your company’s performance to date, and devising a strategy to go forward is vital for strong business growth. Maximise your existing revenue It’s all too easy sometimes [...]

What Makes A Recruitment Consultant Stand Out From The Crowd?

The recruitment industry is one of the most competitive markets in business. Wherever you are based and in whichever sector(s) you operate in, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd, and the easiest way to do this is to have a USP, a unique selling point. This is difficult though in recruitment [...]

Join Our Wimbledon Quiz!

The GSR2R Wimbledon Quiz Join our Wimbledon Quiz and have a chance to win a bottle of sparkling wine and strawberries! It will be out on Friday, July 4th. Just email Claire at claire@gsr2r.com or call her on 0203 696 1215 for the questions . Don’t miss it!

The Latest Advice From The REC On Being A Great Recruiter

In April the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the professional body for the recruitment industry, launched their ‘Good Recruitment Campaign’, to highlight good recruitment practices to business small and large across the UK. As recruitment consultants play an integral role in many business’s recruitment strategies, we thought we would take a look at some of [...]

Fit Body = Fit Mind = High Billing

If you have been following our tweets and postings recently you’ll notice our focus on a healthy mind and body through our training in the park and yoga sessions here in Soho.   Plato’s Academy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons   Why? Because it works. The idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body [...]

3 Things Your Candidates Need To Know About Body Language

As any recruiter knows, you can’t secure a job through qualifications and skills alone. If that were the case, all we would have to do is send over a few CVs and hey presto… our clients would choose the best of the bunch. The decider will always be the interview. Manner, body language, dress and [...]

Join Our World Cup Quiz!

 The GSR2R World Cup Quiz Join our World Cup Quiz and have a chance to win a football chocolate egg! It will run on Thursday, June 26th and Thursday, July 10th. Just email Claire at claire@gsr2r.com on the said dates for the questions. Or call her on 0203 696 1215 Don’t miss it!

Visualisation: If It Works In Football Maybe We Should Try It Too?

I am not a huge football fan; though other folks in the GSR2R office are – Mike we love you! I have been reliably informed that the England squad now have a mindset coach. Apparently the same guy that was responsible for developing the amazing British cycling team at the 2012 Olympics! Good news that’s [...]

The Sales Techniques That Top Recruiters Use

Being a recruitment consultant isn’t for the faint hearted. It is still a ‘selling’ role when all is said and done. As a consultant we first sell our services to clients and candidates and then we sell them to each other; confusing or what! Though many recruitment trainers don’t mention this, recruiting is a complex [...]

The 3 CV Hotspots Your Candidates Need To Know About

Great news; hiring is on the increase according to the CIPD. More placements for us to fill which is always good news, provided of course our clients love the CVs we send over? Yep even in today’s ‘connected’ world great store is still placed on the humble CV. As recruiters we know it is the [...]