Empowering you to attract and retain your own talent.

Empowering you to attract and retain your own talent.

If the questions keeping you up at night relate to attracting and training the best talent, improving candidate retention and your internal talent teams’ effectiveness, or reducing long-term hiring costs, we’ve got you covered.

The importance of people to business success is vital and securing the right talent, now, is a primary focus for many organisations. How do you access and retain the best talent in this highly competitive market?

Our attraction and retention masterclass delivers the tools your talent team need now to secure the talent your business needs for the future. Measure your talent team’s success, improve their hiring strategy, elevate their internal reputation and save money.

Empowering you to attract and retain your own talent.


Not seeing enough talent to choose from? We can help you.

The primary challenge stated by clients is limited choice over who they hire. 1000’s of people are passively looking for a new company to join. Why are they not calling you? We work with you to  increase exposure to a larger talent pool that wants to work with your business.

Attracting talent today is about how you look, sound and feel across your digital channels. It takes seconds for potential hires to make judgement on whether they want to engage with your organisation. We help you make those seconds count by maximising your online message to resonate with your audience and reflect your business, culture and values authentically, as the stand out employer of choice.

We understand what a potential candidate is looking for. It’s time to stop getting over your company  message and start thinking smartly about what the potential hire wants to know about you. Speak to us today to get started.


Why are they not the person we interviewed? With direct hires we hear this from my clients a lot! We can change this.

The cost of a bad hire to a business is, on average, 3 times the employees’ first year salary. How do you overcome the hurdle of an employee on desk from day one, contradicting the individual portrayed during the interview process? GSR2R works in partnership with businesses to overcome the obstacle of making up the numbers. We share our robust hiring strategy which includes candidate screening and proven interview techniques to ensure you are hiring the superstar you want in your business.

Start hiring high-performing employees who are culturally aligned to your business and who are excited about your vision and how they play a part.


Just started seeing a return on your investment and an employee leave’s? We can stop this.

Retaining your employees is vital to achieving growth and profitability. Yet, clients are often left scratching their heads as to why the great people they hired choose to leave.

There are fundamentally 10 reasons why people stay or exit a business across all industries. We work closely with businesses to make sure what you offer your employees matches their career desires.

We focus  on proven long term employee engagement techniques to minimise churn and save you the headache and cost of re-recruiting.

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