Is your recruitment career on pause?

By GSR2R Admin | 22nd January 2021

Is now the right time to move recruitment jobs?

It’s a great question that I am asked regularly by a high volume of recruiters with whom I am speaking.

Given the amount of time we invest in our career, and the impact your career has on your life outside of work, it’s important that you are fulfilled, appreciated and adding value.

It’s always tempting to make a career move when the job market in strong and littered with opportunities. With the health crisis affecting the economy globally, it’s only human that your reaction is to stay put.

Some recruitment organisations are in damage-control mode, asking recruiters to press pause on their career or work longer hours for less money. Is this happening to you? There are others that are moving forward, seeing this as a time to accelerate their team’s careers, putting their people first.

Whilst this may seem like a time when staying put is the best option, there are many companies hiring who have supported their people and nurtured their careers and wellbeing exceptionally well throughout 2020, despite the challenges. We’re working with these recruitment companies who offer excellent packages for the right recruiters. This includes, strong leadership, progression, wellbeing, hot desks as well as competitive remuneration.

Even in this uncertain job climate, if advancing your recruitment career is what you want, there are desirable opportunities available to you.

What’s important when looking to advance your recruitment career?

Here are 3 important factors to consider ensuring that your next move the right move for you.

  1. Know what you want and be clear on your expectations.

Prioritise your needs because being in the right organisation is everything to the success of your career. Take the time to be clear on what you want. Identify what inspires and motivates you and map out what you want now and in the future. Be unashamedly about me. Consider advancement, personal growth, remuneration, flexibility and define the values and culture of the organisation that you want to work for. Think about each career move as building on your prior experience to acquire and enhance the skills you know will accelerate your recruitment career.

  1. Know your strengths and what you are willing to do in your role.

We’d all love to be able to master all the skills we need when we need them. It’s okay not to know everything because your career is a work in progress. What is important is to understand and be proud of your strengths. How they will add value in your next recruitment job. How will they work in your favour to secure the role that will advance your skills and provide the opportunity to develop new or complementary skills. Your career is about moving towards something that you want. Being clear on your skills and strengths will provide clarity on what you are willing to do in your next role, both in the short and long term, to achieve success as defined by you.

  1. Be clear about what the company can offer your career now and in the future.

Dig deeper into what the company you want to work for can offer your career now and in the future. Whether it’s career progression, development, improved remuneration or a culture fit aligned to your values, don’t be afraid to get under the hood to discover if what the company says they offer is evidenced by fact. Your skills have value. Work for an organisation that appreciates what you add and recognises and rewards your contribution.

You don’t have to pause your recruitment career.

A career move isn’t your escape plan. It’s your next adventure. Undertaking these three exercises before you move will put you in the best position to pursue what you want in a career where you can thrive.

Progress is good, regardless of circumstance and opportunities exist for those brave enough to challenge themselves. Open yourself up to all opportunities. In the words of Jerry Dunn, “don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits” and discover all prospects available to you.

It’s difficult to predict the short and long-term future during a crisis. One thing is for certain, there are blue skies ahead and we offer opportunities with recruitment organisations who champion autonomy, flexibility, learning and development and progression.

Here are just a few of our active roles to get you thinking.

If you’re considering a recruitment career change, use our quick sense check as an indicator to help you decide whether leaving is the right decision for you.

Better yet, get in touch today and talk to us about your career ambitions and find out what our clients are offering recruiters in 2021.

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