3 tips for a killer recruitment and attraction strategy

By GSR2R Admin | 11th September 2021

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the NHS and the resulting double vaccination success, vacancy growth is at a record high. This means that companies are embracing, and prioritising, hiring at volume.

Great news for recruiters and recruitment businesses.

This acceleration of hiring means that recruitment consultants are recruiting candidates at pace, in the race to meet the increased hiring demands.

With the UK in a hiring frenzy, it can be challenging to stay on top of your client’s hiring demands. How do recruiters set themselves apart, to secure the top talent that their clients need, first?

3 recruitment tips

 Here are essential recruitment tips, in this candidate rich market, that will help you to find and secure the right candidates, and keep them engaged.

1.  Treat candidates like customers

The volume of jobs available means that top talent is not only in demand, but that they have their choice of opportunities. Candidates have time on their side to really evaluate the benefits and opportunities that hiring organisations are offering

Therefore, winning them over and holding their attention takes effort but it’s worth it. This is your time to shine and create a candidate experience that builds loyalty and trust with your candidates, rendering those pesky last-minute counter offers null and void.

Yes, you have deadlines, and you need to act quickly, so you’re feeling the time pressure from your clients. But remember that candidates want to feel listened to, engaged and have the reassurance of open and transparent communication to make the right choice for them. That means treating your candidates with the same priority as you would your clients.

TOP TIP: Be respectful to them and their time, be available and showcase the benefits of your opportunities, to achieve their ambitions.

2.  Stay connected, constantly

Clear and constant communication is a must for every recruiter. Now is the time to amp up your consistency of contact, to make candidates feel valued and completely in the know of their recruitment process and next steps.

Lack of communication is one the biggest frustration voiced by jobseekers during the recruitment process. Clear and consistent communication doesn’t just benefit the candidate, it benefits the speed of recruiting for recruiters. The clearer you can be, the quicker decisions can be made by candidates, therefore a win-win all around.

TOP TIP: Make use of the technology available to keep your communication consistent with your candidates by highlighting the touch points where you can add value.

3.  Understand the employer value proposition

Another important aspect for candidates is the Employer Value Proposition or EVP. Organisations’ EVP is a set of offerings provided by a company in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences that an employee brings to the organisation. These are the value adds that candidates are looking for in future employers – now more than ever.

What is the environment, benefits, culture and career development opportunities of your hiring organisations, that will set them apart as employers of choice for candidates and are you leading with these offerings?

Knowing this intimately and aligning it to what your candidate wants could be the difference between whether a candidate chooses the job you’re hiring for or falls back on the counter offer. The latter is on the rise.

TOP TIP: Be prepared for a counter offer and continually reinforce why the EVP the organisation you’re representing can’t be outweighed by a salary increase with their existing employer.

Wrap up

In the race to attract and place top talent, recruiters must pull out all the stops and flex those customer and communication super powers, to stand out.

We regularly share the best tips & practices for successfully communicating with your candidates effortlessly and offer advice on how to be a standout recruiter.

That’s a wrap. Until next time,


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