Business development in the new norm

By GSR2R Admin | 11th December 2020

How successful recruiters are ‘doing’ business development in the new norm

Over the last few years being a successful recruiter could give you a pretty sweet life 

Work hard, keep in contact with your clients who had a consistent supply of job orders and then fill them with good candidates. 

Then on the 23rd March, everything changed. In days London resembled a ghost town, and over forty percent of the workforce was at home working on laptops, baking cakes, drinking gin and home-schooling their kids. 

Weird, and not in a good way. It hasn’t been the easiest time for anyone, has it? 

Many of our clients have been hit hard and need help to develop a plan of action to ensure they ‘bounce back’ as well as they can. 

Covid-19 is presenting new challenges daily, with business development, the elephant in the room for many recruiters whose business has largely been put on the back burner for the past four months.  

How are successful recruiters approaching B.D. in this environment?

B.D. is Still Happening (Whether Youre Involved or Not) 

Pre-Covid, you would probably have agreed that there was a lot of noise in the recruitment sector. Being one in a long line of recruiters reaching out to a great candidate or pitching to a client was all part of the job. 

But the tables have now turned – many recruiters have massively scaled down their operations, and some have halted altogether. This has created breathing space for recruiters who take this opportunity to grow, and yes, there is growth to be found.  

Did you know  

– The U.K. economy grew by 1.8% in May. 

– The U.K. has clawed back’ half of the fall caused by Covid-19 already (in less than one month of being partially open again). 

– We are still on track for the V shaped economic recovery that was predicted by the Bank of England. 

The latest data from the showed hiring intentions have also improved between June and July. Forecast demand for permanent staff in the short term, ninety days, now sits at net: +14, up from net: +6 in early June.  

Positive news. So how does this translate for your conversations with clients? 

Fact: They need to be different. 

Time to Adapt Your Client Conversations  

The conversations you are having with clients right now will be varied and wide-ranging; we are in a time where its hard to predict what you will hear on the other end of that phone or Zoom call. 

When you think about B.D. right now, it is critical to be sympathetic to each clients situations; you will need to be mega flexible. 

Here are a few words to consider in your approach. 

  • Ask open questions and… 
  • Build rapport and connection 
  • Listen 
  • Be considerate 
  • Be Empathetic 

A change is happening. 

Being a recruiter won’t be about taking a job order any more. 

R.I.P. the transactional sell and now long live the consultative approach. 

Hey, there has always been a clue in our title; recruitment consultants have served clients who want help building their teams and for candidates planning their career for years. 

It is in our D.N.A. to take a consultative approach. 

For many of you, this will be music to your ears. A time to really work closely with clients and candidates and provide value as you ‘consult’ with them. 

For others, you will need to adapt, flex and learn how to ‘sell’ differently. 

Because a B.D. call doesnt end with you gaining anything directly. Think about the value, trust and compassion and help that you can offer clients right now 

The Future of Business Development in Recruitment  

Covid-19 has been the shake-up the recruiting sector has needed for some time. 

While we cant predict just how the economy (and how many jobs) will be impacted, great recruiters have always been able to adapt to their environment. 

Before the pandemic struck, a LinkedIn Future of Recruiting Report highlighted the need to adapt to rapid changes in the sector. None of us could have predicted just how soon this skill would become essential.  

Juggling working from home, navigating a different recruiting landscape and everything else that Covid-19 has thrown at us is a significant challenge. Still, recruiters who stay focused on the quality of their service and their client relationships will be the ones who enjoy continued success. 

From the devastation of Covid-19, a new recruiting sector will emerge, where quality relationships between client and reputable recruiters will be a central component.  

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