Does your culture need a refresh?

By GSR2R Admin | 21st January 2021

Why Your Recruiting Company Culture Needs A Refresh

Following Rishi’s announcement for new government spending on wellbeing and supporting our economy, many of us are reflecting on how the events of the last eight-plus months have changed the way we think about work.

As we start to see a future of coming out of the pandemic, we must recognise that the world of work has changed, especially as recruiters.

Though some of your billing and resourcing team have enjoyed working from home, others aren’t having their usual chats, banter and catch-ups and are missing them in a way they hadn‘t anticipated.

As human beings, our workplace and connection play a significant part in all our lives; often driven by the culture in our organisation too.

So, what happens now?

There is work to be done.

Whether you are planning to go fully remote, or you will implement the hybrid model or go back to the office full time – your company culture will be crucial to your success.

So where should you start?

Your Culture Starts With Your Vision and Purpose Now

For many recruitment companies, your vision and purpose will not have changed unless the pandemic has made you reconsider the services and products that you now offer to support your recruiting clients.

  • Do you now offer broader consultancy services?
  • Have you split up your recruiting service in a different way?
  • Has your team changed in size?
  • Are you a remote-first organisation?
  • Did the pandemic highlight problems in your organisation that needed to change quickly?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, have you informed your team? Be aware of how your company has changed and communicate this to your team to highlight your new direction or focus.

Will You Be Remote First or Flexible?

A few months ago, the idea of not having a physical office would have sounded like a weird idea for many recruitment companies in the city. However, the pandemic has made plenty of employers seriously consider this for the future of their business.

One company I spoke to has decided to go entirely remote, saving themselves over £200k a year; such a significant change will have serious implications.

Some employees who now have a home office and who used to have a long commute, are enjoying working from home.

Others with less available working space and who live alone might dread the thought of never returning to the office.

Many of us didn’t realise just how essential the camaraderie of the office was in keeping teams feeling united and able to work better together on projects.

While Zoom, MS Teams and other video software have allowed us to keep in touch for the things that matter, has it impacted on the quality of our work and our working relationships?

Who hasn’t experience Zoom fatigue? As a huge people person who loves to meet up, I know I have. Lacking these real-life experiences can sometimes make video meetings feel ‘unreal ‘and harder for us to process.

Before you decide on ‘your’ remote working company style, be sure that team members are comfortable with the implications and consider offering a choice.

Keep The Connection Going

As human beings, we weren’t designed to be isolated from each other as the recent COVID data has suggested with an Increased incidence of stress across the UK.

The CIPD in a recent report shared that stress-related absence was up by 37% over the last year, according to some survey respondents.

Is it any wonder the Chancellor has recently allocated over 500 million pounds of additional funding to support Wellbeing initiatives.

The pandemic has made changes to our whole lives, both positive and negative. But even from the negatives, opportunities can still be drawn.

Right now is a time for refocusing and getting your culture and your leadership insights right to help strengthen your team.

Keep safe,



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