Recruiters, how are you looking to potential new employers?

By GSR2R Admin | 16th March 2021

How to make your recruiter brand stand out to recruiters?

When you are interviewing with recruitment companies, your new employers are checking you out on social media as you would them! The impression that you give is someone’s reality about your reputation.

Smart recruiters know that they need to stand out to improve their fortunes as a recruiter, for their future recruitment career.

Does your recruiter brand reflect you?

Is your recruiter profile a carbon copy of what your company wants to portray, or does it reflect you and your achievements?

I appreciate that you need to convey your corporate brand, which means you may be limited to the type of profile image or background image you use. But there’s tons more you can do to make your profile showcase you. Let’s get started!

5 top tips to making the most of your LinkedIn profile in 2021.

  1. Attention-grabbing headline.

Outside of your profile image, your headline is one of the first (and only) things people see on both mobile and desktop when scrolling. Is your headline your current job title and only your current job title? If so, include some additional information that will help you get found. This is prime SEO space. Use the limited characters you have, to make you stand out and stop the scroll.

Profile photo and heading are two attention-grabbing devices.

  1. Tell your story.

Your LinkedIn summary is your opportunity to tell your story. Not what you do but who you are, as an individual. Demonstrate the things that make you an exceptional recruiter. How has your recruitment career has evolved, what set you on your journey in the first instance, what are your skills and expertise and what’s your recruitment super power? Define who you are as a recruiter.

Your summary has the potential to be a conversation starter.

  1. Optimise your profile to be found by recruiters.

Are your skills relevant to searches made by recruiters looking for their next hire? Here’s how to find out. Find recruitment jobs that appeal to you and identify the skills and keywords that are being used. Once you’ve determined the most frequently used skills, add them to your skills on your profile. Be careful not to stuff your skills. Keep them relevant. Then weave the keywords you found into your experience and what you do.

Researching jobs is a great way to identify popular skills and keywords.

  1. What does your job description say about your skills?

Does your job description reflect what you do, or what you’ve achieved? It’s a small difference that makes a big impact. If your job description is exactly that, a job description, it’s time to evolve. It’s likely people know what you do by your job title. What future employers viewing your profile don’t know is how great you are at your recruitment job. Use your job description field to convey your achievements and successes. How you’ve helped people build their careers or scale their businesses. What makes you stand out as their next recruiter?

  1. People trust people who other people trust.

Your recruiter ‘CV’ or shop window is your reputation. I still see, far too regularly, the reticence by recruiters to publish stand out recommendations from their valued clients and candidates for fear of exposing names, resulting in lost relationships.

Publish those amazing recommendations you receive because the only way future employers will know how the value of your knowledge and service offered has positively impacted their people and company’s outcomes, is by hearing it from the people who have experienced it.

Trust in the incredible relationships you’ve cultivated and the loyalty you’ve developed.

Take it to the next level.

Now that you’ve perfected your recruiter profile, what more can you be doing to be seen by future recruitment employers?

  1. Raise awareness.

Increase awareness of your expertise across your professional network, by posting and engaging in online discussion groups or providing value-added commentary on topical discussions. Share content or articles that you have read and find valuable to your audience. Why did you agree with the article or why should someone read it?  Share your opinion.

Show people that you are more than a prolific job poster because you are. You change people’s lives for the better.

  1. Help others shine.

Recommendations are social proof that demonstrates what you’re good at. By taking the time to endorse other people’s skills and leave recommendations will not only make their day, but it’s far more likely they will reciprocate.

Ask less, give more and you’ll get organic recommendations right back.

Secure your recruitment future.

If you’re looking to secure your next recruitment job to expand your career, start with building your recruiter brand online, just as you have supported your candidates and clients build theirs.

Put in that extra effort to stand out and showcase your skills that make you the perfect candidate for your ideal job.

Give me a call if you want to run through how to get started. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,


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