Are your friends jealous of your recruitment career?

By GSR2R Admin | 10th December 2020

Why your friends are secretly jealous of your career as a recruitment consultant.

What is it that’s so alluring about the life of a recruitment consultant?

There are many benefits to this rewarding career choice, and with the industry continuing to expand, there are more opportunities in this growing sector than ever before! 

The industry grew again by 11% last year, and this isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Our industry contributes over £35 billion to the UK economy annually, as more organisations begin to realise the benefits of using specialist recruiters for their staffing needs. 

Recruitment is constantly changing; with a new government and our exit from Europe. With UK employment at an all-time high and an increased number of recruiters competing against each other to fill job orders- the landscape has become more challenging in some respects...yet the fact remains that recruiting is a lucrative and personally rewarding career path which, corny though it might sound, can provide you with the life of your dreams; think stunning flat, weekends in Ibiza, and no debt! 

So, let me share why being a recruiter is just so good for the soul! 

1. You’re an Expert 

Many people dream of being a guru in their chosen profession, but it can take years to get to ‘expert’ status in some occupations; the law and medicine are two examples that spring to mind straight away. 

But recruitment is one career path in which you can become a go-to expert in your sector…FAST!  

The intensity with which recruiters get to know their candidates and clients allows them to gain expert knowledge and to ‘own’ their niche.  

With specialist recruitment becoming the norm, those with an ‘inch wide, mile deep’ knowledge of their industry can become invaluable players in their chosen sector within a few short years. 

2. Generous Remuneration 

The rewards are perhaps one of the primary reasons people get into recruitment. When you have the attitude and the aptitude for it, and you are in a role which allows for generous commission (which many do), there is considerable scope for financial success.  

Fact: Being a 6 figure recruiter can happen in less than a couple of years for some consultants who are driven and in the right sector.

3. You Create Your Own Success 

How many times have you heard a friend moaning about how their boss is an idiot and their colleagues are lazy? 

In a perfect world, we would all be rewarded fairly for the amount of effort that we put into our work. In reality, this is not the case. In many sectors and organisations across the globe, hard work sometimes goes unnoticed, and worse, unrewarded.  

recent study found that 23% of UK workers believe that their colleagues are ‘lazy’ and 22% have had their work claimed by another and presented as their own.  

Thank god recruiting is different! 

Recruitment is one sector where the level of your success is all down to you and when you go ‘all in’ you stand out above everyone else and the world really is your oyster! 

4. Variety  

If you’ve been recruiting for a while, you might take for granted the level of involvement you have through working closely with your clients in their companies as you help them build the team they want. 

But it is this variety in the work that recruitment consultants deliver which makes it so appealing. You get to see ‘behind the curtain’ in different organisations; your job is never the same from day-to-day, and can never be described as ‘dull’.

5. You Change People’s Lives 

It can be easy to become desensitised to the life-changing work you do as a recruiter as it becomes the norm.  

The buzz that came with placing your first candidate might feel like a distant memory, but the truth is that you change every candidate’s life for the better when you find them their next career move; or get them away from a terrible company that doesn’t appreciate them.  

Throughout your career, you will have changed not just the lives of every candidate you place, but help businesses reach their goals and strengthen their teams – you are a positive influencer on your industry, and you help drive innovation; hats off to you.

6. Job Satisfaction  

Finally, perhaps the most jealousy-inducing part of being a recruitment consultant is job satisfaction. 

Being a recruiter is not for the faint-hearted; any recruiter will tell you that. They will also tell you that there is nothing like the feeling of closing a deal you have been working on for weeks or finding the perfect candidate for a company, which you know will be amazing for everyone concerned.  


The daily grind can make it easy for recruiters to forget how remarkable their work is. Are you guilty of forgetting about the life-changing aspects of being a recruiter?  

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with your work, it might be that you’re recruiting in a sector, or for a consultancy, with which you are not aligned. 

If you love recruiting, but have fallen out of love with your current role, why not take a look at the recruitment vacancies we currently have or speak to one of our team today about your career options.  



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