O is for opportunity for jobs in recruitment

By GSR2R Admin | 9th January 2022

Recent stats indicate a significant opportunity for recruitment consultants, in London and the rest of the UK, to build the recruitment career they want, on their terms.

Cash flow of recruitment firms is up. Yet, 43% of recruitment businesses are worried about shortage of recruitment consultants, according to APSCO’s latest UK Recruitment Index.

Jobs in recruitment are yours for the taking.

The takeaway from the report is that recruiters are in a stronger financial position 2021. Companies of all sizes based on recent performance, have the cash and borrowing capacity to fund growth in 2022. Both in London and the rest of the UK.

The primary sticking point affecting this growth opportunity is securing the recruitment consultants needed.

That’s where you come in. View our latest recruitment jobs in London & the UK.

Here’s why now is the time for you to solidify your recruitment future.

Remote work will boost access to the top talent but at a higher price. This is Glassdoor’s #2 prediction of workplace trends for 2022.

It’s important to you for the following reasons.

  1. Higher salaries & more attractive offers

The genie is out. The remote working genie, that is. Higher salaries and more attractive offers are a necessary tool for employers to secure the top talent. This means increased competition for employers and that means great opportunity for you, as recruiters. As a result, companies must deliver more attractive offers with larger salaries at the heart of their attraction methods.

Factors that will influence recruitment companies’ success is their ability to adapt. From improving their incentive initiatives and remuneration packages to retaining flexible working and increasing their use of innovative technology. And recruiters are the ones who stand to benefit.

  1. More opportunities for growth

Recruitment jobs in London have previously paid the highest salaries. As such, London experienced a steady supply of local workers. This supply is reducing as recruitment consultants move to remote opportunities. This opens the playing field for recruitment companies across the UK to secure the best talent – if they’re offering the right packages.

Consequently, this means that pay and opportunities for recruitment jobs and recruiters, are levelling up. Not only levelling up, but recruiters have more choice.

By removing geographical barriers, remote working expands recruiters’ options to work for the companies where they feel valued and rewarded. As a result, better job satisfaction and career opportunities.

  1. Culture & development

90% of HR leaders believe they appreciate and recognise employees for their work, while over 1 in 3 employees surveyed did not believe their employer truly values or appreciates their work. This, according to data from employee experience app Workvivo, shared with City A.M.

A clear gap has emerged between employees and organisations.

Recruitment companies are realising that a strategic investment in 2022 is their training and development budget. Demonstrating to employees that, not only is their contribution valued and well rewarded, but they are invested in their employees for the long-term by offering training and development to improve employee loyalty.

This investment has the potential to close that widening skills gap and create engaged employees who are invested in their organisation and choose to stay.

Recruiters, can you afford not to consider your future career, now?

2021 has been the year recruitment businesses have started listening to what employees want from their workplace – and many have stepped up – opening their eyes to the fact that it’s not where you do your recruitment job that’s important, but what you do.

Something GSR2R has been championing for over a decade.

This year we have proudly delivered the best packages to our candidates. Companies have taken the time to review their structures to make sure they are offering the best career benefits, from work life balance to progression.

And we’re working with those incredible recruitment businesses. It’s worth a call to at least get informed and talk through your options. Get in touch with the GSR2R team today.

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