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By GSR2R Admin | 26th November 2020

Hey Recruiter! 2 Momentum Hacks To Keep You Going In Lockdown 2.0

We are now well and truly in the middle of lockdown 2.0 as the government and its people commit to getting this virus under control. 

Though we are in lockdown again, things are very different. 

Good News – Job Orders Are Up! 

For a start, it isn’t new anymore, and we have a sense of what to expect over the coming weeks.  

Uncertainty slows us down, which happened during April in the recruitment sector and for our clients too. 

The good news is that, though some parts of the economy are closed, others are open, and our clients are starting to recruit again. 

Last week I was on a Zoom call with an industry software supplier who shared that job orders had increased back up to preCOVID-19 levels in many sectors. 

Good news! 

That is one of the reasons why I wanted to write this post to inspire you to move forward and keep your momentum going. 

Using the Power of the Momentum You Are Building 

Most people have heard momentum referred to in the sports arena when people talk about teams gaining momentum, which means they are on the move and becoming unstoppable, like Liverpool FC last year! 

Let us go back to school for a minute so I can show you how it works in business. 

Cast your mind back to those science lessons and having to remember that momentum equalled mass in motion, so that mass and speed equals momentum. 

Here is the thing – this is based on a universal law like gravity; in other words, once you start things moving, everything becomes easier to keep moving. 

Back in the day when we all had regular holidays; remember thatDid you ever notice that the first week back was hard work then after a few days you had got back into a rhythm? 

That is how momentum works in business and why you need to keep moving forward. Here are a few ideas to consider that are working now. 

Momentum Hack 1  Your Wellbeing 

Let’s not sugarcoat what has happened to all of us this year. We have had to experience the weirdest time ever.  

We have been ‘forced’ to social distance (human beings need physical contact to stay mentally healthy), work at home and stay away from friends and our work buddies too. 
Then for some of us, we haven’t been able to see our family or celebrate significant birthdays, attend weddings, and uncomfortable to say, some of us will have lost people to COVID-19 too. published a paper recently about the impact of the first lockdown on our mental health and wellbeing. 

If there is one thing we all need to take away from 2020, it is the need to strike a balance between our work and personal life. Here are a few ideas that might work for you. 

– Organise your working environment at home as best you can; it’s amazing how a plant or even fake flowers can lift your spirits. 

– Have a clearout  spend at least a couple of nights a week decluttering rather than watching a full Boxset on Netflix – you will be amazed how it will make you feel! 

– Go out in nature  Vitamin D is vital to wellbeing and health, and you top up your levels by being in daylight. 

– Schedule a regular call with family and friends; you don’t need to use Zoom for everything. 

– Eat well. There is nothing wrong with home baking and cooking, though make it part of a balanced diet. 

We have shared a few personal strategies here; now let’s talk about keeping your billings on track. 

Momentum Hack 2  Build Your Pipeline 

The majority of people I speak to have got back into ‘rhythm’ over the past few months and are doing the hard work of building their pipelines. 

A while ago I mentioned a great sales book by Jeb Blount about prospecting; 

Jeb shared data about new client acquisition (which most recruiters now need) that building up a solid new pipeline will take over 60 days. This includes marketing from your company, phone calls, emails, texts, sales presentations etc.  

The good thing is each day and week builds on each other as this is how momentum works. So keep doing the work and your pipeline will grow until it starts converting. 

Important: Remember though that if you stop now or take your foot off the gas momentum will stop and even role backwards. 

A question – what have you been doing these past few months that is working? 

Whatever it is, keep going. 

If you are short on ideas, remember to: 

– Speak to all your past clients AND lapsed clients  you might be surprised where they are now. 

– Connect with your ideal clients on LinkedIn; set your own KPIs and do this daily. 

– Know some great candidates you can talk to clients about? Then do that now. 

Remember the pandemic won’t last forever, and you are a great recruiter who does the work #Gorecruitergo 

Until next time, 


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