Recruiters, want to earn more?

By GSR2R Admin | 29th July 2021

Recruiters, do you love where you live but want to earn more?

Now is the time to get paid the big bucks

A positive side-effect of the last 16 months for many industries, including recruitment, is flexibility and home working. Employees have proven that they can be trusted to carry out their job efficiently and productively, continuing to positive influence recruitment agencies bottom line, as they did when they were purely office based.

Flexible working or remote working has not just delivered the opportunity to find a balance that we’ve all hankered after for years, it’s given us the chance to manage our time efficiently and not feel the guilt of missing out on those precious moments. We’re experiencing our ‘eureka’ equilibrium, and we’re excited about it.

That’s great, but what if you want more?

Levelling up pay and opportunities

Has there been a better opportunity to consider your options outside of where you live, knowing that recruitment companies, like many industries, are on a hiring mission and struggling to find the right people?

  • Many industries now recognise that remote recruitment will increase the available talent pool and address regional pay disparity.
  • Flexible or remote working, which is becoming widely adopted by organisations, offers opportunities for recruiters to increase their income while maintaining their existing lifestyle, location and outgoing costs, topping up your bank account.
  • Uprooting the family is now, a significantly reduced concern. Sure, you might have to travel for the obligatory monthly requirements, but that really depends on the recruitment company and their new processes.

You might think, well, Cheryl that sounds like a great idea but really, why would organisations hire outside of where they are based when there is local talent?

That’s a great question.

It’s called a broader, happier talent pool

Broader, happier talent pool

By removing geographical barriers, remote working enables organisations to broaden their search for available talent, significantly increasing their pipeline of recruiters. What’s more, great flexibility and better job satisfaction and career opportunities, means happier employees. And that equals increased retention and profit.

It’s a no-brainer for recruitment companies and now’s the time for recruiters, across regional geographies, to put themselves out there.

What’s more, a recent survey stated that 50% of people would give up their job if they weren’t offered the continued flexible working they’ve experienced over the last year, forcing organisations to expand their talent search.

Capitalise on the current market and secure your recruitment future.

Here, at GSR2R, we are experiencing this first hand, with many recruitment clients now fully remote. Our own recruitment of recruiters has moved into another level, expanding our searches nationally.

Recruiters, your career advancement opportunities and associated compensation, just got a lot more interesting.

If you want to talk about your wider options and not sure where to start, give me a call on 020 3889 1670 or email me at

I’d love to hear from you.

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