Is your company looking after your wellbeing?

By GSR2R Admin | 4th January 2021

Whilst consultants are performing and doing their best to adapt to the changing market, smart recruitment companies are looking after their people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Is this happening for you?

What is your recruitment company doing for you?

Is your recruitment company working hard to retain experienced recruitment consultants and continue to produce high-performance in one of the toughest recruitment years experienced?

Mental health and work-life balance have been primary topics in 2020. This positive trend is set to continue into 2021. What is required to create a culture of support and belonging and is your employer realising these strategies to make people’s wellbeing a priority and create the foundation of a resilient and sustainable business, where people thrive?

Putting people first

We’ve compiled 5 ways recruitment companies are putting people first to create happy and successful recruitment professionals.

Is your company one of them?

Ask yourself the questions we’ve added to each action to determine if you’re working in a culture with the opportunity to flourish.

  1. Listen with empathy

People have been impacted in different ways by the global pandemic. It might be that people are feeling anxious as daily routines have changed. Or they’re challenged by juggling childcare and career. They might be facing financial pressures and grappling with their own worries over what’s next.

Q. Is your employer talking to you to understand your concerns?

Not just asking how you are but really listening, to understand how they can contribute to alleviate your challenges and improve your working environment, creating loyal ambassadors who choose to stay.

  1. Embrace feedback

It’s never been more important for employers to be regularly checking in on their staff. It’s no replacement for face to face but there are alternative methods to check in with employees, for them to be heard.

Q. Have you been given the opportunity to ask honest questions?

Giving employees an outlet to voice their concerns will help people battle their anxiety and highlight the company as one of openness and authenticity, building long-term trust.

Companies can safeguard the livelihoods and health of their employees in an honest and transparent way, to build employee engagement, which builds loyalty and retention.

  1. Communicate authentically with compassion

Employees are not only scrutinising management. They’re also looking to business leaders for support and direction.

Q. Is your leadership team communicating regularly and remaining visible?

Recruitment companies who share success by highlighting those who have adapted, made sacrifices and shown extra effort, will provide a huge morale boost to the individual and the wider team.

At a time when it feels like there isn’t much to celebrate, companies who are encouraging their staff to thank and appreciate each other will help people to stay connected to one another, strengthening the bonds between employees.

  1. Demonstrate purpose & commitment

It’s important for recruitment companies to serve their people in the truest sense of the word. Today’s currency is trust – developing trust and inspiring engagement.

Q. Is your organisation demonstrating their core purpose?

There’s no playbook for this situation, so the key is for employers to be human because within crisis, leaders can provide clarity. Successful companies move beyond slogans or catchphrases and develop programs that support employee success, by putting people first.

  1. Be flexible

If COVID-19 has taught our recruitment industry a valuable lesson, it is that people can be productive from home, obliterating legacy theories that real profit can only be achieved by being physically present.  Flexible working is no longer a benefit – it’s an imperative.

Q. Are you being offered the flexibility to suit your circumstances and do your best job?

Organisations who exercise patience and flexibility, as employees try and balance remote work, are supporting people’s changing demands to help you remain efficient and productive. Organisations who are reviewing feedback from their employees and making small changes or improving processes are adding value to employees. For example, offering time off or investing in your wellbeing.

Elevate your recruitment career

Business leaders of people-first organisations understand that it’s people who make their company successful. When people feel cared for and valued, they go that extra mile because they want to be a part of the positive contribution of an organisation that cares about them.

Do you want to be significantly more motivated and have a greater level of engagement? At GSR2R, we work with recruitment companies that do exactly this.

If you’re considering a change, use our quick sense check as an indicator to help you decide whether leaving is the right decision for you.

Better yet, get in touch today and talk to us about your career ambitions an find out what our clients are offering recruiters in 2021.

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