Retaining your employees

By GSR2R Admin | 21st November 2021

Attraction and retention of employees.

It’s a hot topic and one that employers need to focus on to hold on to their top talent.

From anxiety to imposter syndrome, employees are feeling the pressure.

In many cases, since the pandemic started, and working from home became an instant requirement (and significant adjustment), work has become our lives.

We sat down at our computers in March 2020, and it feels like we haven’t stopped. Now we can’t figure out how to turn it off.

Is this it? Is that what I want for myself and isn’t there more to life, are questions that the workforce is asking themselves.

Are your employees’ heads been turned by something better?

Unexpected departures can lower morale and productivity of remaining employees and can affect your bottom line.

Increased opportunities, choice and adapting working environments to lifestyles, is turning the heads of your employees. And you’re in danger of losing some of your best talent.

Are you, as employers, watching for signs of discontent or bathing in wonderous oblivion?

Your ultimate duty of care is to yourself.

A recent WSJ article discusses burnout from people who have experienced it. The article goes on to say that with boundaries gone, meetings multiplying, many say work has taken over their lives during the pandemic.

This is a sentiment that we are hearing echoed by incredible recruiters on the verge of burn out. And people are putting themselves first, leaving employers to focus their attentions on how to stop high-performing talent from leaving.

How to retain your employees

Here are 3 top tips to consider to support retaining your employees, increasing their buy-in and loyalty.

  1. Thank you

Two little words – maximum impact. Everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated. It’s never okay to lose a valued employee because they didn’t feel valued.

Showing appreciation regularly takes little effort. But done authentically and regularly, recognising efforts and connecting with individuals, will increase their engagement with your recruitment company and their part in your collective purpose.

  1. Be supportive and empathetic

Being supportive isn’t about solving all your employees’ problems. It is about showing that you care.

It might be that people are feeling anxious as daily routines have changed. Or they’re challenged by juggling childcare and career. They might be facing financial pressures and grappling with their own worries over what’s next.

Are you talking to your employees to understand their concerns? Not just asking how they are but really listening, to understand how you can contribute to alleviate these challenges and improve their working environment, creating loyal ambassadors who choose to stay.

  1. Invest in employee retention

It’s the leaders’ responsibility to create the best conditions for employees to thrive. Are your employees being heard and do they feel connected to your organisation? Clarity on career advancement and improving their skills and expertise is a great way to add value.

Review your rewards and benefits together, with your employees to ensure they are the best in the market and aligned to the varying requirements of the individuals.

Wrap up

Just started seeing a return on your investment and an employee leaves? We can stop this.

Retaining your employees is vital to achieving growth and profitability. Yet, clients are often left scratching their heads as to why the great people they hired choose to leave.

We focus on proven, long-term employee engagement techniques to minimise churn and save you the headache and cost of re-recruiting.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us help you create and develop employee engagement, attraction and retention strategies that last. We’re ready when you are.

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