What recruiters want

By GSR2R Admin | 11th July 2022

Are recruitment businesses in touch with what recruiters want?

The recruitment market is booming, and recruitment companies are in a hiring frenzy to secure the top recruitment talent. And when the market is hot, so too is the competition. Businesses are in a fashion show, and the spotlight is on them to show recruiters why they are the right fit for their career.

Having worked with top recruitment talent for over two decades, we’ve got the inside track on what recruiters want for their career.

What recruitment employers need to know

We’ve experienced two years of steep and significant changes to working methods. It’s brought about some incredibly positive changes to a sector, where previously, remote working was far from the status quo.

Along with the positives, there has been an element of frustration from recruiters whose careers have been ‘on hold’. As we accelerate to a new normal, recruiters are excited to refocus on their career growth.

Almost half of UK employees do not see a clear path to progression, according to data from IRIS Software Group.

Winning the hearts and minds of top recruiters

So, what do top recruiters want and how must employers respond to attract and secure the best recruitment talent?

  1. Career progression and development

Salary will always remain important. But it’s now only one of the considerations for a recruiter’s career. Recruiters want clarity on potential and progression within an organisation. Coupled with that they want learning and development opportunities to support their growth.

  1. Culture of caring

Recruiters want purpose and meaning from their work. Therefore, they are bought into businesses who want (and demonstrate) the same.

Climate change and environmental challenges are now among the top concerns being expressed to bosses, according to Peakon’s analysis of 1.6 million UK employee survey comments.

A company’s position on social and environmental impact is an increasingly important yardstick by which recruiters measure employers.

  1. Flexible working environment

The success of remote working has been proven. Recruitment businesses have thrived. And it’s something recruiters want to retain. Trusting recruiters to get the job done while offering a flexible working environment to have more time for home life, is key to retention. At GSR2R, we’re working with innovative recruitment agencies who are fully remote, and whose employees are flourishing.

  1. Guidance and support

The downside of a fast introduction to mandatory remote working was how best to support recruiters, as managers. In an increasingly digitised world, managers need to define new ways of ensuring employees feel supported throughout their career progression.

IRIS Software Group same data revealed that 68 percent of UK employees are facing delayed career growth due to a lack of support from their line managers and HR teams.

  1. Health and wellbeing

Two years of a global pandemic has taken its toll, in different ways, for many people. Mental health is not only important to employees, but it is now a staple of many employees coping mechanisms. Benefits packages need to include robust mental health and wellbeing initiatives to support not only employees’ physical health but their mental health too.

  1. Brand reputation

Today, you must look as attractive to recruiters online, as you would if they came for an interview with you. Finding a new role is all about what they see online. And if they like it, that split-second decision is formed on whether they are willing to give you the opportunity to tell them what your business can offer their career. The hiring of recruiters starts (and often ends) with how your brand is perceived. The reality must match ‘the sell’.

  1. Tools & resources

There is an abundance of ‘how-to’ resources online. And they’re tools that people are used to having at their fingertips. Recruiters are no different. Top talent expects the same immediate access to the tools and resources to be successful. That ranges from effective on boarding processes to the latest technology that helps them deliver the best candidates.

Need support to accelerate these recruiter must-haves?

100’s of recruiters are passively looking for a new role at any one time. The question is, why are they not calling you?

I have been advising and delivering top talent to recruitment companies for over 21 years. Talk to me today to find out how I can impact your business to recruit and retain the recruitment hires needed for success.

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