Recruiter jobs surpass pre-pandemic levels

By GSR2R Admin | 21st October 2021

Demand for recruiters is skyrocketing

According to LinkedIn, recruiter jobs surpass pre-pandemic levels. While all jobs on the platform have seen incredible growth this year, recruiter jobs have grown faster than the job market overall.

As a result, employers in the UK and globally, are having a hard time filling jobs.

The report goes on to say that comparing January to June 2021 to the same six-month period in 2020, there has been almost a 3x increase in recruiter jobs posted.

Take that a step further comparing June 2021 vs. June 2020 and there is almost 7x more recruiter jobs posted.

Recruiters, your time is now

There is no better time to consider your options outside of where you live because recruitment companies are in a hiring frenzy and struggling to find the right people.

Flexible working or remote working has delivered the opportunity to find a balance. We’re working with amazing clients who have eliminated location as a barrier therefore you can now earn a recruitment salary in line with your skills and performance, regardless of location.

Our recent article on recruiters’ options highlights that with no increase to cost of living or travel, you can capitalise on the addition of increased commission structures and benefits.

What are the top 5 skills of recruitment consultants?

Recruitment, like most industries, was thrust in to the working from home model, with little notice and, with any significant change comes its own challenges.

These challenges have brought about the need to upskill and develop soft skills to face and overcome future challenges and advance your recruitment career.

From adaptability to patience and understanding – find out the top 5 soft skills for recruitment consultants right now.

Latest recruitment jobs

Embracing change and focusing on people is the name of the game for many of our incredible clients.

Recruiters, we can support your secure a position with progressive, driven recruitment agencies with a vibrant culture because we’re working with them. As a result, you can advance your recruitment career with companies who value and reward your contribution and who are laser-focused on advancing your recruitment career.

Here are just a few of our active recruitment jobs right now to get you thinking. Get in touch to find out more about opportunities that excite you. Call us on 020 3889 1670 or email us at to discuss these career options, confidentially.

Executive Consultant – London & NYC

  • Time to start packing? ✈️
  • Always thought about a move Stateside? 🤔
  • Join the NYC team – based in London initially with monthly trips to NYC with a move on the cards when an office is secured. 🗽
  • Place perm, senior level commercial professionals, EA’s and PA’s.

Talent manager

  • Would you describe yourself as a natural problem solver? 🧐
  • Do you love LinkedIn Recruiter to unearth talent? 😍
  • Do you enjoy spending time really getting to know candidates and what makes them tick? ❤️
  • How about being given clients from Day 1 for you to nurture and develop? 🎁
  • Work with one of London’s most successful headhunting recruitment teams, us!

Recruitment Consultant – Digital Markets

  • Manage a 270 desk focused solely on delivery. 🧐
  • Recruit for tech start-ups, agencies and household names. 👌
  • Dual desk across a digital including, tech creative and product & delivery.

Wrap up

Recruiting can be challenging and it can also be rewarding and lucrative.

If you want to build your recruitment career and not just move from job to job, we can help you achieve your ambitions.

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