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By GSR2R Admin | 10th January 2022

Recruiters, is career advice on your mind as you consider your recruitment job in 2022?

It looks like the ‘great reshuffle’ is set to continue into 2022, with over 76% of professionals looking for a new job. This is according to CV Library’s latest employment report.

Recruiters, are you one of the professionals looking for a more meaningful career with better long-term career development and job security? Where you’re valued and rewarded for your hard work?

Then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled our top 5 recruitment career advice blogs for recruiters.

Top 5 recruitment career advice for 2022

  1. Recruiters, want to earn more?

This blog tackles the hot topic of remote working and how salaries and benefits are levelling up by removing geographical barriers. Therefore, recruiters who previously were hampered by location, now can earn the big bucks.

Recruiters, your career advancement opportunities and associated compensation just got a lot more interesting. Find out how flexibility and home working, the positive side-effect of the last two years, has broadened your recruitment career prospects.

Earn more today.

  1. Recruiters, how are you looking to potential new employees?

Potential employers are checking you out on social media. As a result, the impression you give is that person’s reality about your reputation. That’s why you need to be asking if your recruiter brand truly reflects you. Smart recruiters do. They know that they need to stand out to improve the recruitment prospects.

Is your LinkedIn profile working as well as it could for you? What are the 5 tops to making the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

Make your recruiter brand stand out.

  1. Recruiters, are you building your personal brand?

What makes a recruitment consultant stand out from the crowd? It’s important because standing out as a recruiter equals increased clients and access to a larger talent pool.

When last did you do a personal brand audit? A top tip is to run a regular audit of your social channels and post consistently and regularly, to build a positive presence. Time to find out if you’re getting noticed.

Get noticed.

  1. Recruiters, how are you?

Sometimes we overlook what a fantastic industry recruitment is. In 2020, recruitment contributed almost £36 billion to the UK economy. That’s your achievements and you should be proud of them. You’re employed because you get great results.

Good recruiters check in with their candidates. Great recruiters check in with themselves. In your career, are you inspired, valued, heard and well paid for your efforts? What are the 10 questions recruiters must be asking themselves to make sure they’re in the right recruitment job for them?

Check in with yourself.

  1. Top five recruitment consultant skills

The post-pandemic recruitment statistics in 2021 hit a record high. Despite the recruitment industry being pulled by their hair into the modern way of working, guess what? Recruitment businesses have thrived.

What’s more, recruitment consultants have learned new skills to handle the challenges that they have faced. What are the five soft skills that are a mainstay to be great? Are they skills that are now part of your day job?

Develop these soft skills today. 

Is your company looking after your wellbeing?

Recruiters, underestimate your mental health at your peril. In the last two years we’ve been adapting in challenging markets, and our mental health is being impacted.

What is your recruitment agency doing to support your mental health? Mental health and work-life balance is a hot topic because it impacts our happiness and how well we can do our recruitment job.

What is required to create a culture of support and belonging? Is your wellbeing a primary concern for your business to, creating an inclusive and respectful environment where you thrive?

Here are five ways recruitment companies are putting people first. Is yours one of them?

Put yourself first.

Career advice to launch your recruitment career

Not feeling your recruitment job? That’s okay. It might be a sign to evaluate where you are now and explore what’s out there for you.

Here’s a look at our latest recruitment jobs on offer with incredible recruitment businesses that are offering the best career benefits, from work life balance to development and progression.

Prefer to sleep on it?

Not ready yet? That’s okay too. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with career advice and live jobs for recruiters, so you’re armed with the information you need when you’re ready.

Here’s to a successful and positive start to 2022.

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